Friday, 9 April 2010

Dum dum dum dumdumdum dum da dum...

Hmmm, well haven't posted in a while, and since yesterday was so beautiful, I took some fairly noice photos, so they'll be coming up in a bit, plus my first fashion post...
This is just a quickie to promote because i get an extra entry into the contest, which I really wanna win, some great prizes there :D so yeah...
Anyway,  don't go anywhere. Well you know, in the proverbial meaning. You can go somewhere if you want. Anyway I'm gonna stop talking, well typing, now.
Je t'adore xoxo

Friday, 2 April 2010

This could be our fairytale?

I'm so tired! The disco, then the song contest - my ravin' social life is really taking it's toll. But that doesn't matter because it's the holidays - a time for relaxing and lie-ins. Right?
Wrong! As always, my mother has planned out every single day for me. Thanks for that dearie.
Anyway, once again, it feels like everything is falling down around my shoulders. You know that feeling when you see someone smile, and it's not at you, and it makes you feel so alone? Not even anyone special, not even anyone you know. Just the fact that nobody is smiling at you. Yeah, well it's that kind of mood. I want someone to cheer me up *sad face* and Facebook, you're not helping!
Anyway, peace out homedawgs. And all that cheerful shizzle. xoxo
Song of the Day: Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes
Song of the Day (#2): Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within (the song I listen to, every single time I'm feeling down) 

Monday, 29 March 2010


Own clothes day tomorrow and  I have no clue what to wear *sad face* I'll probably end up picking something in the dark tomorrow morning and looking like a pile of socks. Gotta love life.
Remember those days when you were a freak? Well, don't forget them just because you have a 'spliff' in your jacket pocket and some Year 9s idolise you. You're not so great honey, sorry to break it to you. Love ya!
Phewf, rant over.
Quote of the day: "I'm not being funny, she dresses like someone ate a pack of Skittles and a copy ofVogue and puked back up onto her."
Song of the day: Chasing Time by Alan Pownall. This chooooon is my song of the day every day! I first heard it on BBC Swich, when beloved Grimmy went 'Alan Pownall? Sounds like a gardener' Since then it is known to me and mon amies as The Gardening Song. I recommend listening to it whilst eating a lolly in a pretty dress on a sunny day.
Peace out homedawgs xoxo
Ooooh, Easter eggs tomorrow - Eleisha's last day before she goes to Florida, lucky byotch. *green with envy*

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I'd look psychotic in a balaclava.

Well actually, anyone would look psychotic in a balaclava. But especially me! I have had the best weekend <3 sleepover with my girlies - ImmediateLeigh, Tabbie Brettcat & :) we were such fatties! Okay, a list of what we bought :)
  • 6 pack of Creme eggs
  • Haribo Kiddy Mix
  • Fruit Pastilles
  • Mini Eggs
  • Big bar of Aero
  • Aero bubbles
  • Sour Cream + Chive pringles
  • Cadburys Shots
  • Coke, Fanta, Sainsburys energy drinks and Monster energy drinks
Hey, you're only young once! Some teachers really are silly, having open profiles. You'd think, being a teacher, you'd be extra careful? Well, their reputation loss is our laughter gain, I guess.
Then Christinieeeeeeee's (  photoshoot in Greenhithe Park, which was amazing :) I love playgrounds, I'd forgotten how much! Those photos were beautiful, I have some stunning friends.
Anywho, I need my beauty sleep, there was more I wanted to say, but I forgot. Never mind!
Peace out homedawgs xoxo
Oh, hope you like the new layout :D  

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Got my head, got my hair...

Why can I not be there?
ooooh I like life at the mo. I just downloaded the Muller song <3 my life is complete! I never realised it was a woman singing though... Anywho, sleepover tomorrow with Abbie, Fran + Leigh = amazing times ;D
and then little miss 'disco is dead' is having a photoshoot for her arts award and guess who's going?
Yeah, it's me. Woopwoop.
There was something else, but I forgot it. *sad face*
Well whatevs.
Oh yeah! I now have 3 followers. I feel unbelieveably proud :)
Okay, now that really is it I think.
Peace out homedawgs xoxo

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why don't you be the artist?...

And make me out of clay.
Good morning, wonderful world!
Today I have an ICT GCSE-type thaaaaaaaaaaang. So wish me luck!
*good luck* *we believe in you* *i know you can do it* *break a leg*
Awwwwwww, you guys! You're the bestest <3
Wowzaaaa, it's half past six in the morning but I seem to have a helluva lotta energy. I just know it, todays going to be awesome!
Peace out, homedawgs xoxo
Wait. Don't you wish there was a keyboard shortcut for the peace symbol? There's one for sarcasm, why not peace? Well I'm sure someone will think of it soon. *sends 'peace computer symbol' brainwaves out to brainy computer people*

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Why, when everything is going right, do things have to get so complicated? I'm not saying that it's the end of the world, but can't I have just a few weeks of perfection? Or as near as I can get anyway. Something good better happen soon.